What is Slot Trenching?

Slot trenching is the process of digging a narrow channel in the earth to install piping, signage, cables and other underground utilities and assets. Since only narrow trenches are needed, slot trenching with hydro excavation provides a more effective alternative to manual trenching due to its accuracy, precision, and cost-efficiency.

Slot Trenching with Hydro Excavation

Traditional digging methods often require heavy machinery and manual labor which can be hard on your workforce and pose unnecessary safety risks. These methods often include the risks of disturbing surrounding soil or utility damage and require backfilling after installation is complete. This can add unnecessary cost and time to get the job completed. Hydro excavation slot trenching creates a very precise and accurate trench that requires minimal backfilling.

Slot Trenching for Your Next Project

Whether you’re installing pipes for an underground sprinkler system or adding underground cables for high-speed internet, hydro excavation slot trenching is an ideal method. It requires less work, it won’t damage your surrounding soil, and it’s more cost effective. Hydro excavation is efficient for slot trenching even on frozen ground, so you can have underground installations year-round. If your next project requires slot trenching, Columbus Daylighting can dig your trenches to exact measurements! Ask about our hydro excavation and slot trenching services today!

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