When to use Hydro Excavation Potholing

Potholing, also known as daylighting, is a hydro excavation technique that efficiently unearths known pipes, lines, and cables. Columbus Daylighting uses a Hydro and Air Excavator truck to vacuum up the dirt in a hole about 8-12 inches in diameter to locate underground utilities. This non-evasive process leaves located utilities undamaged and keeps your project moving forward. The vacuum safely removes the dirt and deposits it into our truck debris tank so it can be replaced post project.

Construction companies and engineers in New Albany and Columbus find this method to be very effective and efficient as they can uncover and map utility lines quickly and efficiently. This allows them to be able to effectively build around and incorporate them when needed.

Potholing is also a more effective method as it limits the amount of labor and time needed to uncover the various cables and pipes in New Albany from old charts. It also decreases the backfill and environmental impact that manually unearthing them causes in the Columbus area. Overall, it is a less time consuming and more ecofriendly way of finding the underground utility lines and mapping them out so construction can proceed more swiftly with the help of Columbus Daylighting.

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