New Albany Slot Trenching

Make quick work of any slot trench job by partnering with Columbus Daylighting. Our team will deliver fast and affordable hydro trenching services to ensure your project is completed on time and absent and conflicts with existing buried utilities. Call us at 614-961-5787 to schedule service today.

New Albany Hydro Vac Services

We deliver air and hydro-excavation services to your New Albany job site to help get your project completed. Both Air and Hydro excavation have benefits and promote safe, non-destructive alternatives to mechanical excavation. Within our lightweight fleet of trucks, we can maneuver safely through even any job site to ensure we do not disrupt or disturb ongoing project tasks. We are a committed partner for all New Albany construction projects.

New Albany Potholing Service

Potholing is the process of hydro excavation to locate known subsurface utilities. This service is most often used when the depth, size or type of underground utility needs to be verified by a contractor. Potholing is also employed as a protective procedure to safely excavate holes for light pole or utility pole installations. The potholing services we provide are quick and effective to keep your project on schedule.

Like most hydro excavation processes, we begin with a single pothole. With the high-pressure water vacuum tube hovering above the designated surface area, the operator excavates straight down into the ground until the marked, known utility is located. Once the underground asset location is confirmed, the team will confirm additional locations for the project. Call 614-961-5787 for professional material hauling in New Albany, OH.

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