Columbus Hydro Excavation & Daylighting Services

Columbus Daylighting provides fast and affordable Hydro Excavation services in Columbus and Central Ohio. Hydro Excavation is a digging process that utilizes either air, water, or a combination of both, to uncover utilities and other underground assets and remove debris quickly and safely. Hydro Excavation is much more precise than any other type of excavation, saving you time and money and minimizing the risk of damage to underground utilities.

Our fleet includes lightweight and nimble hydrovac units with robust blowers rivaling the pulling power suction of far bigger units. Specifically designed for urban and congested applications, we can access hard to reach areas with ease. Our fleet also includes transport support trucks allowing for onsite dumping and refilling to expedite even the most challenging jobs. Partner with Columbus Hydro Excavation knowing you have the best-in-class team on your side.

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